Strawberry rhubarb scones / Recipe


That’s one steep hill in SF. San Francisco, CA

fav city in the world

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"You never wear a wristwatch, do you?"
“No. If I wear one I look at it all the time. Then I feel like a slave to it.”
“But what do you do when you need to know what time it is? What if you have an appointment?”
“Time is all around if you just look closely. There are clocks in store windows, in displays, in ads, on the street. Right now start counting. At the same time start looking for a clock. If you’re in the city it’s very rare to get all the way to thirty before you can find what time it is. Jewelry store windows, appliance stores….”
“If you carry a cellphone there’s a clock on in too.”
“But you’re being too practical. Of course it’s on your cellphone, but I’d rather do a little search for the time, you know, pay more attention to my surroundings and find it that way."